Connecting your first website with CartBoss

Want to add your first website to your CartBoss account and start automatically sending text messages? In this tutorial, we shall go through this simple process and explain, what all the settings mean and do.

1. Go under "Websites"

In your CartBoss dashboard, click on the menu link on the left Websites, where you should see the following screen: 

If perhaps you have already added a website to your account and want to add a new one, then you will see a screen like the one below. In order to add a new website to your CartBoss dashboard/account, click on the button Add Website.

2. Input the Website information

After adding the first website in the input field or clicking on Add Website, you will be able to add the new website and its information. 

The initial screen you should see should be similar to the one below:

There are just a few pieces of information, that need to be filled out in order to be able to add the site to your account.

This information includes:

  1. Website domain
  2. Website name
  3. Sender
  4. Country sending limitations
  5. Quiet hours
  6. Abandoned cart consent
  7. Smart encoding

To have a better understanding of what each setting and input field is meant for we have prepared a detailed explanation below. 

1. Website domain

Here you enter the link to the homepage of your website. CartBoss supports subpages and custom directories as well. To add a domain, just copy the URL of the site in the field. 






2. Website name

Adding the name of the website servers only for your own internal references, so that when you have multiple sites added to your CartBoss dashboard, that you have a better overview of each site. For example, if you have multiple online shops, each in its own language, a good practice is to add each one like this: StoreName(Language). 

With multiple stores added, you would then have a list of sites in your CartBoss dashboard like: StoreName(USA), StoreName(UK), StoreName(CZ), StoreName(IT),...

On your dashboard, where you have an overview of each store that you connected, you then see it like this:

3. Sender

Each text message that is sent out has the same structure of the text, that the recipient sees. First, there is the sender's name then the content of the message and then the unsubscribe link. 

The sender's name is usually set as a local name depending on the country, for example, Johny. Thus the text in the message would go like this: "Johny: Hey Matt, you left something in your cart,...". 

There are no limitations to what can be set as a Sender name. Either a name, the name of the store or even the company name. 

4. Country sending limitations

If you have a website from which you sell to all the countries in the world, you can set limitations to what countries you sent the messages to. By default, CartBoss will send text messages to anybody, as long as they are from a country we support sending. 


A visitor from Italy abandons their cart on your multilingual website (or just a normal site - it does not matter). By default, they will receive an abandoned cart text message in their own language. But, if you decide, you do not want to send text messages to the people who abandon their cart on this specific store and they are from Italy, you can set Italy to be excluded from receiving text messages:

5. Quiet hours

Quiet hours mean that no text message will be sent out during that time (depending on the time zone of the recipient). The messages that should be sent out during that time are postponed till the beginning of the next day.

By default, CartBoss has these set up at 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM but can be changed or disabled. 

6. Abandoned cart consent

This setting is based on the legal requirements based on the GDPR legislation. There are 2 options available: either everybody receives text messages or only the people who have given consent

Important note! If you set the option "Only visitors with explicit consent on your website" then you must show the checkbox field on the checkout form via the CartBoss plugin:

7. Smart encoding

Some languages include special characters in their text like "č", "š", "ž". These are not the default letters supported in the messages and take up more than just 1 space. In order to save space, these letters are replaced with letters "c", "s", "z". 

Activating smart encoding saves space and optimizes your costs as you send fewer text messages. 

After all the settings and information about the site are added you can save the information. Then the only thing that is needed to be done is connect your website with your CartBoss account. 

3. Connect your new site with CartBoss

Connecting your site with your CartBoss account is done via a WordPress plugin or Shopify app. 

The WordPress plugin is available on the following link:

The Shopify app is available on this link:

After installing it you only need to enter the API key of the specific website and you are done. The API key can be found after you go to the list of your websites in your CartBoss dashboard and click Install next to the site you want to connect. 

A more detailed tutorial on how to do this can be found on the following link: WooCommerce integration.

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