Branding - basic information

SMS Branding offers users to customize their Custom Sender ID from the default one (CartBoss) and the links within the messages to their preferences. A before and after explanation is shown in the image below:

This feature offers up to two times better results than regular text messages. 

Important notice

When setting up a Brand, be careful to be sure that this is the Brand name you want to use. Once in the process of verification, everything is done automatically. 

The complete process of a Brand verification takes around 3 days. When completed and activated, you will be notified via email. If sites are set to have the brand set for them when activated, this will be done automatically.

The brand name is Case-sensitive and can have between 3 and 11 characters.


Branding is billed monthly - every brand is billed separately. But, there are no limitations to how many sites you would set with that specific brand. There are no limitations to how many sites have that brand set.

The Custom sender ID and the link are changed to your brand in every Country where we send text messages!

There are limitations based on the Country limitations. There is a separate article where you can check which Countries do not support a Custom Sender ID (the links in the text messages still change) and which ones charge extra for the Custom Sender ID.


Because this is a monthly subscription, automatic payment is needed. In case your payment does not go through, there is a window of a few days (depending if it is a weekend or not), where your text messages will still be sent with your Custom Sender ID. 

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