Translation settings

CartBoss automatically detects the language of the message recipient. 

The pre-prepared text messages are already translated into all the languages where we support sending them - the full list of countries where CartBoss can send messages is available here:

No additional settings are needed - CartBoss does all the work for you. Simply select what messages you want to send and that is it.

Language settings for custom text messages

Automatic language detection works completely the same with custom text messages as it does with pre-prepared messages. 

In order for this to work you need to enter the translations for the countries/languages, where this custom text message will be active (sending).

Important notice!

If the translation for a specific country is not set, the recipient from that country will receive the default text - the text that is set in the SMS content. A good practice is to write the default text of the text message in English.

There is no need to add all the translations for the message, if your websites, where this message will be active, do not have any visitors from that specific country.


If you will activate this message to be sent only to visitors that are on your French websites then all you need to do is add the french text for the text message. This text can be added in the main (default) text field for the text - SMS Content section. 

We do recommend adding in this field the English text and then going under the Translations tab and entering the translated (French) text under the appropriate country/language.

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