Different text messages per site

Want to send different text messages from every website?

Every text message can be set to active (sending) on:

  • Every website you add to your CartBoss account
  • Set it only for specific websites (Include selected website)
  • Disable it for specific websites (Exclude selected website)

This setting is set when you click Edit message or create a custom one under the Website targeting section.

Important notice

When creating custom text messages for a specific site be careful to limit other messages that are sent to every site in your dashboard, to not send them to this site! Otherwise, the recipients will get also those messages!


You have a text message set to be sent from every site after 5 minutes after a cart has been abandoned. Now you add a new website and want to have a completely custom abandoned cart flow for this site. 

You create the custom text messages and limit them (define Website targeting to include only the selected website). BUT, all the other messages are not limited! They are set to be sent to All websites. 

In order not to send these messages to this new site, you need to edit the existing text messages and select Exclude selected websites and select the newly added site. 

This way the new website will only receive the custom text messages you prepared for this site.

How to set different special offers/discounts per website for pre-prepared text messages?

To set different special offers/discounts per page you need to create custom text messages.

Simply copy and paste the text content from the pre-prepared text message that you want to use and choose the amount of discount you want to offer. Do not forget to select on what websites this message is active on! 

Replicate the process as many times as you need and set a different offer every time - if needed. Do not forget to add the translations as well!

Important notice

Do not forget to edit the messages that are sent to every site, so that they are not sent from the sites where you have custom text messages set!

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