Custom coupon codes

If you want to send a custom offer, that is not supported by CartBoss out of the box (fixed/percentage discount or free delivery), using custom coupon codes is the way to go.

This way you have the complete freedom to offer whatever you want - free COD, a free gift, buy one get one free offer,... you name it. 

Just like with other special offers, custom coupon codes are also automatically applied to the recipient's cart! 

Recipients do not have to input the coupon code in the coupšpon code field on the checkout. 

Important notice

The coupon code must be first created on the website and then added to the text message in CartBoss. If the message will be sent from multiple sites then it must be created on each site! Otherwise, the special offer/coupon will not work.

How to add the custom coupon code to the text message

1. Enable the Discount and select the Custom coupon option from the dropdown

2. Enter the Custom coupon code in the field Enter your coupon

3. That's it!

Of course, don’t forget to write a catchy text message, where you explain what the special offer is! If you will activate the message on multiple sites, do not forget to add the translations of the message

Don’t forget, there is no need to show the coupon code in the message as the recipients do not need to enter it anywhere - it is automatically applied to their cart.

Important notice

Don’t forget to create the coupon code on all the sites where the text message is active! Otherwise, the recipients will not get the offer that is promised. 

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