CartBoss plugin settings

The CartBoss WooCommerce plugin offers a few simple but powerful options that help you use it in your online store. Below you will find an explanation of each setting.

Show phone field at top

This checkbox moves the phone field on the checkout page to the top of the fields. When checked, the phone field will be the first field the customers can fill out. 

Here is the result of this checkbox:

Show marketing consent field

This field is used to get the visitor's consent to receive text messages from you. When checked, visitors will see a checkbox for complying to receive text messages from your site. If you do not show this field (do not check the checkbox to show marketing consent then everybody is considered to have consented to receive the messages).
Simply put:
  1. The checkbox field is not shown -> consent is by default given
  2. The checkbox field is shown -> consent must be obtained
Checking this checkbox will show you an additional field in which you can enter the text that is next to the checkbox on the checkout page:
This text is WPML compatible, meaning it is multilingual. 
The result of showing the consent field looks like this:

Disable CartBoss for checked user roles

By default CartBoss will not work for some logged-in users:

  • Admin
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Shop manager

This is useful because there is no need for website administrators to get abandoned cart text messages or post-purchase offers. In addition, when adding orders manually, if this setting would not be in place, people could get Post-Purchase offers all of a sudden. 

When testing, keep in mind not to be logged in to the site!

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