Update the WooCommerce CartBoss plugin

With WordPress/WooCommerce, plugins are often available for updating, as this is a matter of the admin of the site to take care of. We at CartBoss regularly offer new updates for our WordPress plugin SMS Abandoned Cart Recovery – CartBoss, which you can find on the following link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/cartboss/

These updates include support for new features, performance updates or updates, that make sure that our plugin works perfectly with the latest WP/Woo versions. 

When an update for our plugin is available, you will see this on the list of all your plugins. There will be a notification that there is a new version of this plugin available:

Useful tip: You can enable auto-updates, which will make our plugin automatically update on your site, whenever a new version is available. 

To update the plugin you simply click on the text in the notification update now:

That is all that needs to be done. If you have multiple plugins that need to be updated, you can select and update them all at once, by selecting them with the checkbox on the left and then selecting the Bulk action Update. To confirm this action you must click the button Apply.

Good practice: Although it is not needed, it is a good step after updating the plugin, to go to the CartBoss settings in your WordPress dashboard and click "Save changes" again. It is not required, but it is recommended due to some websites having specific settings that might affect the performance of the plugin.

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