Make custom text messages

Want to create your own, custom text messages within CartBoss? Then this tutorial is for you!

You can create your own custom text messages for recovering abandoned carts and for Post-Purchase offers. To add a custom abandoned cart text message, go under Abandoned cart and click Add Custom Message.

For Post-Purchase text messages, the process is completely the same, just that you go under Post-Purchase offer.

After clicking the button Add Custom Message you should see the following screen:

Basic settings

Before entering the content of the text message there are just a few options, that you can set up:

Website targeting - Select on what sites this text message is active on

Delay - Set a time delay for the message to be sent

Discount - Select if you want to send a special offer or not and if, what kind of an offer

After setting up all the options for your text message, you can enter the content of the message.

Important note:

This text is the default message sent if the translation is not set up. We recommend writing this message in English and then adding the translations in the translations

Text messages can be personalized with the use of Short Codes. For example, if we add a Short Code for the First name of the recipient, this code will be replaced with the recipient's name.

Here is an example:

After completing the settings and entering the text, save the text message. Then you can add the individual translations for this message so that everybody receives them in their language.


To add the translation for the message, you first need to save the default one. After that click on the tab Translations. 

Important note:

You do not need to enter all the translations - only the languages to which the message will be sent to.

To enter the translation, simply click on the Country/language and enter the translation:

Complete this step for every language, save your changes, and you are done!

After that, do not forget to activate the message!

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