What special offers can be sent?

CartBoss offers various different special offers that can be sent to the recipients and are included in the cart out of the box, without the need to do any changes on the site. 

There is no need to make additional coupon codes on the site and no need for the recipient to enter the coupon code in the checkout form field as the offer is automatically embedded into the cart. 

Each special offer that can be set inside the CartBoss dashboard works this way! The offers that can be offered to the recipients are the following:

  • Fixed discount
  • Percentage discount
  • Free shipping
  • Custom coupon codes

Custom coupon codes are supported the same way as other special offers. The only difference is that the coupon code must be first generated on the website and then added in the field for the custom code:

Important notice

Be careful to generate the custom coupon code on all the sites that you connect your CartBoss with and plan on using these types of offers.

Custom coupon codes

Custom coupon codes offer you limitless possibilities for what you want to offer to the recipients of your text messages. 

As with every other offer that is sent through CartBoss, the offer is embedded in the link and automatically applied in the checkout. Therefore, if you set a custom coupon code, where you offer a free gift upon order completion, the gift will automatically be applied to the order, without the need for the customer to enter the coupon code in the field for coupon codes. 

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