Customize Your Shopify Checkout Opt-In Box

Because sending text messages (SMS) for marketing purposes is consent-based, making sure they are sent only to customers who have explicitly agreed to receive them from your online store is important due to legal and privacy reasons. Shopify customers can consent to receive text messages via a checkbox in the checkout section of the store. 

Below are the steps to customize the checkout opt-in box on a Shopify store.

Step 1:

Go to the Shopify store Settings (found at the bottom of the left menu in the admin dashboard) and click on Checkout, where you are able to edit the checkout process.

Step 2:

To add the sign-up checkbox, scroll down to the Marketing consent section and check Show an option to subscribe at checkout.

Step 3:

Click Save.

Important notice

Shopify requires you to have your terms of service and privacy policy set up in your legal settings in order for your store to be fully compliant. If this information has not yet been set, it can be added by clicking on the text in the blues square Legal settings, or by clicking on the Policies menu element on the left.  

The compliance text depends on the location of the store customers if they are from the EU, USA/Canada, or other countries.

Step 4:

To customize the text of the consent checkbox, go back to the Admin settings of the Shopify store, click on the Online Store menu link, and then on the Themes link. After that click on the Action dropdown link in the Current theme section and select the Edit languages option.

Now you should see the screen below. In the Filter items input field write in SMS to find the correct texts:

Find the field with the title  Checkout marketing. The default text for the checkbox label is "Text me with news and offers". 

To change it, enter the text you would like to show and click Save at the top of the page.

In the same Language settings, you can change the default text labels for the Privacy policy, Terms of Service, and Marketing Description explanation. This is done in the Checkout marketing sms disclaimer section:

The changes in the string/text changes are seen on the checkout page in the following section:

This phone number can be different than the one set for shipping purposes. 

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