Basic questions

CartBoss offers text messaging solutions for your eCommerce store. It works out of the box. You can connect any WooCommerce or Shopify store by simply installing a WordPress plugin or a Shopify App and connecting it via the API key.

Here are some of the basic questions and answers to get you started:

What does Cart Boss do?

Cart Boss sends text messages to the phone numbers you got from your website via the checkout phone number field or via subscribing popup field. Based on different events – abandoned cart, completed order, or newsletter subscribing – Cart Boss sends them automated text messages that you have set up.

How does Cart Boss work?

After registering with Cart Boss, you install the plugin on your website. Then, add the website to your Cart Boss dashboard. You will receive the API key, which you then enter in your plugin. That’s it, you now have a website that is collecting phone numbers.
Now activate the text messages. You only need to set up one message – this text message will work for all sites if you choose so. Each text message is already translated into multiple languages.

How do you integrate Cart Boss into your website?

If you have a WordPress or Shopify store, we have already prepared a plugin, so that you can easily connect your site to Cart Boss. Otherwise, contact us and we can help you integrate our service into your website.

How do you edit the text message translations?

You do not have to because all the text messages have already been translated.

What kind of text messages can you send?

With CartBoss you can send different kinds of text messages based on various events on your site. You can send abandoned cart text messages, after purchase and Win-Back messages.

Can I have my own sender ID?

Yes, you can. Each custom sender ID needs to be individually confirmed. Send us an email to and we will start the process for you.

What if I need multiple separate accounts as an agency?

We can change your default account to an agency account. This means you can control multiple accounts separately – for each client. And you can set multiple users for each account so that your customers can see their statistics.

Is using Cart Boss GDPR compliant?

Yes, our service is GDPR compliant and the plugins already have a subscription and abandoned cart notification checkbox prepared for you. On your website, you have to update your privacy policy text so that you inform your customers about text message notifications. We are also always advised to contact your local law firm to check if you are fully compliant based on your personal settings.

Do text messages have an unsubscribe link?

Yes, every text message that is sent from CartBoss has an unsubscribe link at the end of the message.

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